MULTITECH SOLUTIONS (K) LTD offers an extensive list of Tally services including but not limited to

  • Installation and Implementation
  • On-site Training
  • Data Synchronization and Migration services
  • Management Information Systems (Tally MIS)
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts through efficient Tally AMC program
  • Invoice and PO Customizations
  • Third Party Product and service integration
  • Extension of product functionalities
  • Deployment across the country
  • Data recovery and correction

Tally Support

MULTITECH SOLUTIONS (K) LTD has a team of highly trained and competent staff that are domain experts in the world of Tally products and solutions. Support is a significant and critical arm of any software product or solution across the world. MULTITECH SOLUTIONS (K) LTD is an authorized Tally Support Center .extending both on-site and remote support. On-site support for clients across Nairobi and Kisumu.

  • Contact our direct customer care on + 254 731736586, +254 738 443139.
  • Remote support through cutting-edge tools to deliver quick and cost effective solutions.
  • Email support :
  • And Web chat facilities during business hours.

Additional you can launch your complain to Managing Director by

The advanced Tally Support Center is integrated within Tally ERP 9 to enable clients to report and track queries from the product itself. Client queries can also be directly sent to Tally Solutions (P) Ltd for quick responses. This holistic and advanced support ecosystem is specifically designed so that a problem or issue does not affect continuity of business.

Annual Support

MULTITECH SOLUTIONS (K) LTD extends its Tally Expert Cover to clients that seek an Annual Maintenance program. The Tally AMC program helps clients derive answers for all Tally related queries anytime. Resolving queries on a periodic basis may take away a lot of your time that can be otherwise directed to more important tasks. MULTITECH SOLUTIONS (K) LTD and its group of experts will facilitate training/usage of the product, Tally Customization and query resolution with immediate attention.

Tally Integrator

MULTITECH SOLUTIONS (K) LTD has competently extended its capabilities towards the installation, configuration, execution, training and service of Tally products. Tally ERP 9 is powerful and versatile business management software that caters to the dynamic demands of modern businesses across the world. Therefore, the need to be country agnostic is an important requirement that is meticulously in-built in the software.

Businesses, big or small, are unique and possess varying levels of complexity or magnitude of operations. Therefore, the need for software that is flexible is imperative in the business world. The inventory management software is architected as a tool that is designed to support extensive customization. The execution kernel and Tally Definition Language (TDL) help to modify the default behavior of the software. Modifications can be made to user interface, functionalities, document print outs, data elements and business logic.

Tally Implementation

Implementation services from the world of Tally are innovative and are designed to optimize business processes for delivering optimal value. Tally ERP 9 has been designed as software that is capable of customization and implementation as per the unique requirements of any business. MULTITECH SOLUTIONS (K) LTD has over the decades gathered immense experience and expertise in attaining the flexible inventory management software to simplify business operations. Businesses can perform their operations as the ERP implementation proceeds and this is a distinctive advantage that no other tool can offer.

Tally accounting software offers business which is the most important competence of changing business structures on real time data when need arises. Adaptability is a vital requirement and Tally customization makes it possible. Businesses can easily accommodate and adopt to the dynamic environment effectively and easily. Even iplementation of Statutory Compliances such as VAT and Taxes to businesses happen diligently.

Tally Training

MULTITECH SOLUTIONS (K) LTD has extended Tally training to professionals, institutions and students. Here, are some salient features to the training program.

  • Experienced faculty on Tally ERP 9 and other versions of the tool.
  • Simple, easily comprehensible and effective courseware designed to enable quick understanding across all communities.
  • In-house Tally Academy to cater on training requirements anytime.

Course Details

  • Tally ERP 9 Beginner 3 weeks to basic Tally features.
  • Advanced Tally course lasts for 2 Months.
  • We also teach beginners to account on non Accountant to understand basic accounts.

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