Tally has emerged as successful and reliable business management software for businesses, big and small, across the world. The product is sold directly by Master Tally Partners and their Tally Partners. Extensive reach, quick and effective service and efficacy of the tool have made Tally ERP 9 one of the most preferred business software over the decades.

Why customer choose MULTITECH SOLUTIONS (K) LTD as a service provider.

  • More than 5 years of Tally experience
  • Over 200 installation across Nairobi and Kisumu.
  • The only partners in Kenya with sales, support, training & customization.
  • Intergration with other software (Excel, MS SQL).

Tally.ERP 9

The latest evolution of the Tally series has grown from a basic accounting package into a simple yet sophisticated business management software product. Comprehensive capabilities allow Tally.ERP 9 to meet the needs of small to large businesses with dispersed operations.

Silver version

This is a single user license or stand-alone Pc license for Tally software.

Gold version

This is a multi user license or unlimited user license in a LAN for Tally software.


Selling Electronic Tax Registers in Kenya

We have KRA approved Electronic Tax Registers and Electronic Signature Device, contact us with any enquiries. You can acquire these ETR& ESD machines in Kenya from us. Some of the models we have include:

  • Datecs DP50 Electronic Tax Register.
  • Datecs MP55 Electronic Tax Register.
  • Mercury 130W Electronic Tax Register-GRPS
  • DatecsEsign Electronic Signature device.
  • PergSign Electronic Signature device.
  • TSL Electronic Signature device.


CCTV Surveillance Systems

We have reliable Security sytems. Our CCTV Surveillance Systems come in different makes and models. Some of them include:

  • 4 channels cameras and DVR
  • 8 channels cameras and DVR
  • 16 channels cameras and DVR
  • 24 channels cameras and DVR
  • 36 channels cameras and DVR


Fiscal Printers

We sell fiscal printers in Kenya. Our main regions of service include Kisumu, Nairobi, Rift Valley and Western Regions. Contact us and find out how we can serve you. Our Fiscal Printers product list in Kenya include the following:

  • Datecs FP 300 Thermal fiscal printer.
  • Incotex 119M thermal Fiscal printer-GPRS.
  • TSL Thermal Fiscal printer.


Sells both POS Software and Hardware in kenya

When you are setting up your new business in kenya get in touch with IT Solutions, we’ll set up your Point of Sale system for you.
For more information please fill in our web form on the sidebar.


POS (Point of Sale) Software

Point Of Sale for Supermarket, Retail, Wholesale, Hardware Management Software Use for the POS:

  • Software creditors/suppliers,
  • Stock control.
  • Reports.
  • Touch Screen.
  • Reports.

The POS categories:

  • pos back office

Tight security settings, Stock control, Debtors management, Customers management, Creditors management, Head office link, Accounting interface.

POS Front office

Tight security, full scanning mode, cashups with full cash declarations, offline mode, multiple tender types-cash,card, cheque,voucheretc, suppress transactions, full serial tracking, split tender, receive payment from debtors, account sales, quotes, full consignment sales, self learning mode, saved sale ability, Multiple reports-endday,end month, stock report, controlled and free pricing.

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